Hallway Walk Part 2

I have no real excuse for not being able to write a daily entry over the course of this year. IMG_9095    With kindergarten students in the building, one could write an hourly update with the things they do and say.  Their perspective on the world is not only unique, it’s quite refreshing.  Robert Fulghum had it right when he wrote ‘All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten’.  We just have to pay a little more attention to what’s going in their world.

IMG_9098Attached are some examples of where they are coming from when it comes to Social Responsibility.  Mrs. Hiebert’s writing ‘starter’ was ‘It’s okay to….’ and, just from the examples shown here, you can see that their thinking is inclusive, creative, artsy, and focusing on the Virtues we encourage here at Prince Charles.

Another perspective says ‘It’s okay to be yourself’, a IMG_9097concept that says to me I won’t be judged for who I am, what I wear, or some of the things I do.  Kindergarten really develops the social aspect of learning and being part of a team.  It is evident in all our primary classes that this is a huge part of every day and this is reflected in this child’s view of the writing assignment.

IMG_9096Finally, ‘It’s okay to dance’…clearly, this child has never seen ME dance but the thought is, again, one that says ‘let me be me and I’m gonna dance if I want to’.  That’s kinda cool.

Take a moment yourself and jot a few of your own ‘It’s okay to’…….Fire them off to me at PrinceCharles@sd34.bc.ca

It’s okay to share.

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